What Is Hosting And Which One To Get

Since the dot com revolution in the early 21st century, the internet have become a mainstream source of information, enlightenment and income.

You could get information now literary at the tips of your fingers or make a living out of building a website. If you are reading this post, that means you are interested in building a website on which you can put your ideas into.

Last time we learnt about domains and their roles in website building. If you are new to this, I suggest you do a recap.

After you have got a domain that is related to your brand or just catches your fancy, what’s next….


This post would be explaining what an hosting service is how you can’t be live without it. Hosting is like the icing on the domain cake, either of them is not satisfactory.

So what is hosting and where can you get them? Let’s find out!

Hosting, What is It?
Hosting is a store (a website or other data) on a server or other computer so that it can be accessed over the Internet.

Its like an internet bank where all your files are stored and using the right method, can be retrieved.

Its like land where you can place a foundation if we are considering domains as the house itself. Without hosting, your website would never go live.

How Hosting Works
When you buy a hosting plan, you would have to send your domain name and files subjected to uploads to the service provider. A portion of space is allocated to you on their servers and connected to the internet.

If anyone sends a search or tries to access your site, the string connects to the domain which searches for your allocation on the hosting and directs them there. It’s like using a directory to get a telephone number and then a house address.

If by any chance, the hosting service is temporary down, your site won’t be accessible. Can this happen? Yes it can.

Type of Hosting
Since there are different types of bank accounts, surely there will be different hosting plans. Hosting plans cost differently due to the specs with which they come with. Hosting differ in bandwidth, storage, email service, amount of domains you can host on the same service etc.

If you want an hosting service that has unlimited storage, bandwidth, unlimited email service and up to fifty domain names, you’ve got to cough up a few dollars, hosting is cheaper than you think.

Hosting Specs
What is the bandwidth of a hosting? It’s the amount of number of people it can accommodate at the same time online at a particular time. If your bandwidth is 200,000, that is you can have only this number of people online at the same time. If more people come, your site will crash.

If you want to enjoy a traffic of 100,000,000 by month, you have to go for hosting with unlimited bandwidth. Even if you are just a starter, you should go for unlimited bandwidth. You might not imagine how big your website will be, but if it does swell, you won’t be in panic.

Email services come with hosting and if they you’ve got unlimited domains, that means you can a gazillion emails on your sure without it crashing like the wall of Jericho.

As you kept posting on your site, it’s going to get heavier. If your hosting doesn’t have a place to store all these, it will crash.

Unlimited Domains
Some hosting plans are only good for one domain name, while some can take up to 50. By getting a service that gives you unlimited domain, you can host domains as much as you want. You can have 65 domains on one hosting if you so wish.

SSL certificate
This shows the authenticity of your domains and would help with page rank and authority.

Where To Get Hosting?
So now know how important hosting is, the next question is how do you get one. Hosting are sold by companies who sell domains. Since domains and hosting are in joint demand, it makes sense for this companies to seel them together. You can buy your domain here for just a few tens of dollars


Flexible and reliable, Godaddy hosting is one any starter should posses. Their plan is charged per month but you will need to buy a year’s plan for flexibility. Godaddy give you a free domain name when you buy hosting.


Like Godaddy, I would recommend this company any day. They hosting service is good and reliable.


This is my favorite web hosting sites. They offer the same service that the first two offer but at a cheaper price and excellence.

I have not bought a hosting from these company before but their reputation is good too.

Now What Will You Do
Go and and get a hosting service and get on with your website. If you don’t do, no one will!

The next article will teach on how you can connect your domain to your hosting. You don’t need a degree in rocket science to do that mate!

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