We have Used The Sony Xperia 1 And Here is Our Thoughts!

Sony had always been dishing out great phones. And none no other has been better than the Xperia series. And Sony is at it again with the tech company releasing another phone in the series, the Xperia 1. So what can this baby do and how fast and slickly can it do it? That’s where … Read more

Which MacBook Should You Buy in 2019? Here they Are!

Windows is by far the most popular computer operating system and for good reason it is. From its user friendly interface to the ease with which you get softwares, many favour it over a wide range of other options. But then, the MacBook is one computer which could give Windows a run for its money … Read more

Nokia 4.2, Specs And Price!

Nokia used to be one of the biggest brands in the days when the best phones used Java operating system. With the invention of Android however, things have not been so rosy for the company. Nonetheless Milo’s regrouped and finally adopted Android and it has been competing positively with the bigger brands. On that note, … Read more

The “Magic” Of WiFi: How WiFi makes communications Possible

Wifi, oh wifi, beautiful wifi. If only wifi can be entirely free, man Nigeria would be a lovely country. In our information age, telecommunications have gone haywire. Long distant relationships can be maintained just at the click of a messenger’s app. But how many of us truly understand what is happening on your friend’s text … Read more


As if they are just bringing them out of the farm, Tecno mobile is not relenting in their efforts after they were the most successful Mobile brand in Nigeria for the first Quarter. And there is more good news….Tecno Mobile has released another member into their family, the Tecno Pop 2F. Hurray! This is one … Read more

Best Samsung Phones, How Much Do they Cost?

Samsung is one of the biggest phone manufacturers in the World. Together with Apple iPhone they take a large chunk of the percentage of phone users in the Universe. One of out every three people in the US use either Samsung or Apple and the reason is not very far fetched. These phones are good … Read more

What Is Hosting And Which One To Get

Since the dot com revolution in the early 21st century, the internet have become a mainstream source of information, enlightenment and income. You could get information now literary at the tips of your fingers or make a living out of building a website. If you are reading this post, that means you are interested in … Read more

Domain Names: What They Are And Which One to Get

Like snow daisies, websites are popping up these days online. As I write there are a billion sites that are sharing information over the internet. This is indeed the information age, getting a piece of information is as fast as blinking and much easier to do. As a boy I have always wanted to own … Read more

How To Know When Your Device Has been Hacked

Your phone should be your personal belonging, which only you have access. It is a private property and needs to stay that way. Do you agree with me, I bet you do. Everyone has a way in which they have configured their phones to perform the tasks they want it to and this is exclusive … Read more