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Are you wondering whether or not your favorite smart home maker has a brand new product coming or out on the market already? I’m here today to give you all the latest in 2019 all the newest smart home products.

Google Nest Hub
Let’s go our first product is the Google Nest hub max now this hasn’t been announced since Google i/o but Google has accidentally put up on their website that it would be available September 9th coupled with that have been a number of FCC filings that make it look like we’re about to get a replacement for either the Google home or the Google home Mini.

And I get this question all the time what do I think? This device is more like the nest guard or a combination of the nest guard and a Google home standard device so I do think Google is going to replace that product. It looks a little old to me at this point and they need to integrate the thread hub capability.

Samsung Products
Samsung also put out a trio of smart home products so the first one was a Samsung SmartThings cam integrates with your SmartThings products, costs $90, only sold in the US right now and has a free cloud storage option.

As well as a paid cloud storage option now they also put out a ZigBee bulb that looks feels and smells just like a Singled Elements ZigBee bulb.

They also put out a Wi-Fi smart thing smart plug so it integrates with Smart Things. But it is a Wi-Fi version of their smart plug.

Philips Hue Bulbs
Everybody’s favorite and most expensive light bulbs in the world are the Philips Hue bulbs. Now what Philips has done is try to remove the entryway point here of needing the bridge, this is a confusing thing for a lot of people. I know you Automaters probably get this very simply. They need a bridge because it’s a ZigBee bulb but a lot of people don’t understand that and so what they did is they put bluetooth into their bulbs and that removes the need for a hub now.

What I’ll tell you is don’t go and do this. Don’t go buy into this, it is an entry point. The intention is that yeah you’re not getting all the smart home functions that you normally would with Philips and their hub or their bridge you’re able to start kind of automating your home in a simple way. Mostly you’re going to have control through a smartphone.

Smart Dry
What is smart dry? Smart dry goes inside your dryer. It has a couple of magnets there on the back you can see and it just sticks on the inside and it tells you through its three onboard sensors what the temperature is and whether or not your clothes are dry.

And then also it’ll tell you when the dryer has actually stopped running so it only really integrates with a smartphone at this point. It has a little bit of integration with Amazon’s voice assistant but overall I’ve been very impressed with this device and my feedback that’s gone back to the folks at connected life labs. They’ve been very receptive and appear to have great things on their product development path so really interesting and very different product.

Wise Bulbs
Now moving on to the wise bulbs they are the $8, temperature controllable bulbs from wise that pair. With their smart cameras and they’re wise sense sensor systems you can go ahead and now buy those as part of the general public in the U. S.

Of course their smart scale continues to show up in different reports it does look like that product is going to come to market although there’s been no confirmation of that product yet. What they did confirm is a brand new smart plug that as this post is released will be available on the wise app and on wise comm for pre-order.

Now I can’t tell you what the price is you have to go look for yourself.

The Nvidia Shield TV
The Nvidia shield TV which is a lot of people’s favorite streaming device is getting a upgrade or a new device here it looks like. There’s filings at the FCC for that new product that includes eight to 11ac on board so
that’s 2.4 and 5 gigahertz Wi-Fi connectivity. It looks like they’re not planning to utilize that out of the box and it also looks like they have a new RF chip which appears to be a direct replacement.

Now the big news is the remote coming for that device a brand new remote for the Nvidia shield TV. If you remember from CES 2019 la metric had their new sky product which looked a lot like the nano Leafs. Now I really like this one because it allows you to display information and I’ve always liked their little la metric time because it allowed you to display different information.

If you’d like so I really like their products that are on the more expensive end and those skies are on presale right now but selling out very quickly.

Apple Home Pod
Apple looks to have about 5 new iPads coming out now why am I talking about an iPad on a smart home show here well the honest truth is I believe one of them is the home pod – now I’ve always said this home pod needs a visual interface and Apple will be using their iPad platform to accomplish that now those filings are going on in a lot of different countries right now and it does look like it’ll come kind of in their Hardware event here in just a few months time Elgato Eve has put out a new in-home temperature humidity sensor.

It has an on-screen display and it looks like it’s gonna retail at about $70.

Now speaking of those products that I’ve been reviewing here for companies I have this on this home kit enabled sensor temperature humidity and motion as well now the elgato Eve one called the Eve degree. I believe it is home kit enabled or it’s home kit compatible and that’s really the big point of it now that’s a $70 with a display now this is $25 and again I’ve been demoing this and testing this product for a while now been very impressed.

Unfortunately there’s no way to trigger the kind of the homekit automations with the temperature or the humidity sensor yet. Speaking of home kit capable devices the acara m2 or version 2 of their hub is home kit compatible all of the new sensors that they’re putting out our home kit compatible as well.

It looks like the number of sensors or number of devices you compare what this hub goes up from thirty to a hundred so a lot more capability here as well as bluetooth 5.0 ZigBee 3.0 and what’s a little bit strange is a physical Ethernet jack and only Wi-Fi 2.4 gigahertz not 5 gigahertz so some interesting choices there from acara one company i’ve been working with here very recently is switch bot and switch bot has a brand new thermometer and hygrometer.

I don’t know why we need to use such hard names for a humidity sensor but it shows the humidity and the temperature on board pairs directly with their hub through bluetooth and really has worked flawlessly since i’ve had it in my home so very impressed with this little device from switch bot and i continue to enjoy their products.

They continue to develop their platform in their series of lights here but they’re focusing on just a couple of protocols now they have bluetooth mesh desk lamps and lighting that has been coming out here for a little while they had their Candela product a while ago that was bluetooth mesh and it really that’s what they’re utilizing for all of these desk lamps and other lighting products.

Again the other protocol or the other thing they’re really focusing on is staying home kit compatible. G. E has put out a brand new air conditioner that retails around $350.

This home kit capable in also has geolocation capability just in case you didn’t have that in 800 different other ways although I find them relatively ugly the Symphonic speakers there that’s the partnership between Ikea and Sonos have actually been launched. Now it’s hard to tell exactly how these products are going to get integrated with other systems there’s really not a lot right now that they can do.

IKEA Smart Blinds
The product that I really look at from Ikea that is still coming out and has been delayed a few times are the IKEA smart blinds here and that product I think a lot of people are waiting for will integrate with their trad free line of products and I’m looking forward to actually trying those out now if you’ve been kind enough to wait this long and read this long then I’m going to tell you that the Nintendo switch lite has been announced fully. Now I realize that has nothing to do with Smart Home Products but I wanted to tell you because it’s so coooooool. See you next time.

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