Meet the Redmi K 35 And the Real X 50, 2020 Phones

Here are the top upcoming smartphones in January 2020 the first month of a new year.

The redmi k35 G has of course already been launched by redmi but just on PowerPoint slides. This won’t come to market until January next year the date is still not confirmed by redmi.

Most people are saying in China around about the 15th of January there abouts. Of course we know everything about the phone already

It would be carrying a snapdragon 765 G processor one of the first phones in the industry to carry this processor not the first but one of the first.

The phone is an interesting prospect remember me definitely a change in strategy for them the move to an LCD display from an OLED display.

And you’ve got high refresh rates in there, 5g and the new sony imx6 86 camera sensor which they have already used on the redmi k34 g version and it seems like a really good camera sensor. So i’m really looking forward to see how the brand new chipset from snapdragon will handle images from that sensor.

Also the 4G version does have a 120 Hertz display but because of the Snapdragon 730 G in there which by now is just an old mid-range chipset it really can’t handle that 120 Hertz display during gamin.

So I’m looking forward to a more powerful more modern chipset in the 5g fight.

A Quick Look
6.67-inch (1080×2400)

Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G

Front Camera

20MP + 2MP
Rear Camera

64MP + 2MP + 8MP + 2MP


Battery Capacity


Android 10

Real me X 50
A very tight and close competitor to the replica 35 G when that will be launching is the real me X 50 if you are in any doubt that real me and red me are going to be very close competitors going forward then you just have to look at the real meet X 50 and know that it’s basically the same phone as the redmi K 30 or at least a very close version of it but we do know about the real me X 50 right now is that it will be carrying the same processor as a redmi K 35 G the Snapdragon 7-6 5 G.

We also know that it will carry a dual hole punch design similar to the Redmi K 30 but it will be on the opposite side that will be released by real me in the first few weeks of January and really have been slowly releasing information about the phone.

For example we know it has luke 4.0 which is around about 30 watt fast charging again similar to what the K 30 gives us and also there have been some rumors out of China that it will actually be using an LCD display – just like the redmi K 30 if that is the case then it will also have to give those high refresh rates otherwise people aren’t gonna like that LCD display.

you all probably know 3 + 3 Pro are going to be released on the 26th of December quite a strange time to release a smartphone but Oppo will be releasing two versions of this product the Reno 3 will carry the media tech demesne the t1000 chipset I think the first phone to carry this chipset on board that will be the cheaper version it will have a water drop knotch and a fairly big bottom bezel.

This will be the cheaper version of the two of course and looks to offer 5g at a really decent price the pro version again we’ll be using the snapdragon 765 G and overall the phone looks really great it’s got a curved OLED display with a tiny cutout it won’t include opposed very fast discharging but it looks to include the VUCA 4.0 just lightly brought me X 50 the vivo X 30 and X 30 Pro already released in China.

But how much these phones, you just have to wait for them to hit the markets.

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