Domain Names: What They Are And Which One to Get

Like snow daisies, websites are popping up these days online. As I write there are a billion sites that are sharing information over the internet. This is indeed the information age, getting a piece of information is as fast as blinking and much easier to do.

As a boy I have always wanted to own a website. For me there is a lot I knew and I will want to share with the world. I wanted to have a loyal following, a set of people who believed in my ideas and looked up to me much I did with the authors of websites I read from.

Maybe you have that dream too. But you don’t know how to go about it. You think it will take a degree in computer programming or require a huge capital chest to achieve. The fact is neither of this is necessary. Getting a website is as easy as chatting with your best friend and it doesn’t come at a prize that would require you sell your beloved car.

It only requires knowing the ropes, getting the tools to use them and connecting all of them together. So how do you build your website? Let’s find out shall we!

A Website, What is Required?
If your reading this, I want to believe you know what a website is. But to clear all doubts, a website is a series of web pages connected together that you can access from a computer via the internet.

To fully understand, let’s imagine a website is like a mansion with many rooms in it. All the buildings are connected but they’re still one house.

To build a mansion, you will need to acquire land and buy bricks and arranged them on each other in your fashion. Building a website is no different. To build a website all you need are as follows

1. A domain name
2. A hosting Service
3. A website building Software

This post is focusing only on domain names, what they are and which one should you get that fits your style.

Domains, Domains
A domain name is that extension that usually follows the name of the site.
Take example, if you want a site that called ‘Good boys and Girls’, the domain name you want is

The ‘. com’ following it is the TLD (top level domain). It’s usually classified into two groups namely,

1. Generic
2. Country Specific

The generic domains are just general domains used for several different websites. Examples include .com (commercial), .net (network), .biz (business), .gov (government), .edu (education), .info (information) etc.

Country Specific domains are ones unique to a country, they include .us, (United States) .ng (Nigeria), .ca (Canada), .za (South Africa), (Russia), .in (India) etc.

There is also TLD for continents example include .Africa or .eu (Europe).

What Domains Are
Domains are like the house when you think of websites in the terms of building. It’s on the domain you build your site and place it on the hosting network. They are like the address of your website without which you can’t get mail. They mark your site and make potential visitors find it.

Without a domain name, your site can’t go live and no one can see you. Every website has a domain name, including Google.

Which Domain Name Should I Get?
So now you know what domain names are, you are eager to get one. The next big question is which one?

A domain name like I said is like the address of your site. It’s also acting like a sign post that is announcing your site. The domain name you will chose should be related to what your site is all about. It should also be specific. The more specific it is, the better you would rank.

For example you want to be an online dog doctor, your domain should have something like ‘dog’ or ‘doctor’ or even ‘vet’ in it. Something like ‘doctorfordogs‘ or ‘dogdiseaedoctor‘ should be watched out for. You can also go for ‘vetdoctorfordogs‘ or use words related to dogs such as ‘canines’ in it. Using something like ‘pet’ would embrace other pets such as cats and hamsters. That’s not good enough when you are only specialized for dogs.

Your domain name also must be short or easily remembered. Don’t go off using hard strings or numbers. You want to stick to easy pronounced domain. Let’s consider, you should go for ‘Dogwatcher‘ instead of ‘no1dogwatcher$“. The first is easily remembered and rings a bell with pronunciation while the other gave us a few problems. Remember you want people to visit your site, first they have to find it.

Where Do I Get It?
A domain name can be acquired easily from sites that sell them. Domain names are cheap too, some of these companies sell them as cheap as $1!

I have bought quiet a few domains and I would recommend you get your domains from these companies.

One of the biggest domain sellers, you can get your ideal domain for as cheap as $1 here if you are a new customer (This is only a one time offer, after which most domains will go for $8 at the minimum).

Getting your domain is fast and their services are secure. You can also check for domain which is available or not.

Another big company when you talk of domains. Hostgator don’t have $1 dollar domains but that shouldn’t deter you from investing a few dollars. Hostgator is secure and their services are superb.

This is my favourite domain providers. The speed at which they deliver is enjoyable and they also have platforms for checking the availability of your domains. Unlike Godaddy however, they don’t show other customers recent searches so that your domain could be bought by another person.

All domains start from $8.88 at Namescheap.

1&1 domains
Another company that I have work with. They are quite good too and worth trying out.

Note all domains are valid for a year and just like you pay rent yearly, you will have to renew them after a year. But you can also buy a five year plan, your call.

Once you have a domain, the next is your hosting. How do you get hosting. The next article will address that. Click here for more.

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