Comparing Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to IPhone 10 Max

It’s finally here, the long-awaited Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus. I know I am late to the party but better late than never it’s truly an ultimate flagship B’s. Just holding it for the first time in my hand it felt extremely premium, the first impressions were absolutely amazing so I spent a full day … Read more

New Products From Our Smart Home Companies!

(Cover photo courtsey Are you wondering whether or not your favorite smart home maker has a brand new product coming or out on the market already? I’m here today to give you all the latest in 2019 all the newest smart home products. Google Nest Hub Let’s go our first product is the Google … Read more

13 Top Phones of 2019 and some you shouldn’t probably Buy

Howdy. 2019 has been an explosive year in mobile technology with several beautiful phones hitting the stores. In this post, we will try to do justice to some of these phones. Welcome to the top 15 smartphones of 2019 as well as five phones you might be tempted to buy but you probably shouldn’t. Let … Read more

We have Used The Sony Xperia 1 And Here is Our Thoughts!

Sony had always been dishing out great phones. And none no other has been better than the Xperia series. And Sony is at it again with the tech company releasing another phone in the series, the Xperia 1. So what can this baby do and how fast and slickly can it do it? That’s where … Read more

Which MacBook Should You Buy in 2019? Here they Are!

Windows is by far the most popular computer operating system and for good reason it is. From its user friendly interface to the ease with which you get softwares, many favour it over a wide range of other options. But then, the MacBook is one computer which could give Windows a run for its money … Read more

Nokia 4.2, Specs And Price!

Nokia used to be one of the biggest brands in the days when the best phones used Java operating system. With the invention of Android however, things have not been so rosy for the company. Nonetheless Milo’s regrouped and finally adopted Android and it has been competing positively with the bigger brands. On that note, … Read more