How To Clean Your Gadgets

Howdy folks. This post is about cleaning tricks that’ll make your device look awesome again. We’ve all been in this situation you buy a brand new and beautiful gadget but it looks completely different just a month later. Thanks to dust and dirt. But don’t worry there are a couple of genius cleaning hacks for … Read more

The “Magic” Of WiFi: How WiFi makes communications Possible

Wifi, oh wifi, beautiful wifi. If only wifi can be entirely free, man Nigeria would be a lovely country. In our information age, telecommunications have gone haywire. Long distant relationships can be maintained just at the click of a messenger’s app. But how many of us truly understand what is happening on your friend’s text … Read more

What Is Hosting And Which One To Get

Since the dot com revolution in the early 21st century, the internet have become a mainstream source of information, enlightenment and income. You could get information now literary at the tips of your fingers or make a living out of building a website. If you are reading this post, that means you are interested in … Read more

Domain Names: What They Are And Which One to Get

Like snow daisies, websites are popping up these days online. As I write there are a billion sites that are sharing information over the internet. This is indeed the information age, getting a piece of information is as fast as blinking and much easier to do. As a boy I have always wanted to own … Read more

How To Know When Your Device Has been Hacked

Your phone should be your personal belonging, which only you have access. It is a private property and needs to stay that way. Do you agree with me, I bet you do. Everyone has a way in which they have configured their phones to perform the tasks they want it to and this is exclusive … Read more