Apps That Would Make You Commit To Your Work (Apps That Reduces Distractions)

Hi, there, category number two on my list are the apps that provide what I like to call helpful limitations, or to put it another way, apps that block you from doing specific things. And a lot of the apps on this list are going to be website and application blockers. And I did talk … Read more

Apps That Would Make you Commit To Your Work (Apps That Make You Do The Necessary Things)

What up guys? So it is round up time. Today i am gonna be sharing twenty one completely different apps and tools that, additional or less, force you to induce your work done. Now to be honest right up, front none of these apps work quite like that creepy piano in the movie Coraline. None … Read more

Apple Games In 2019

Guys, I’ve got the rare chance of using the new 11 inch iPad Pro. And because of this today we’re going to have a look at what is the current state of gaming on iOS devices. I know gaming on the IOS is not that common like on Android. The App Store however is one … Read more

WhatsApp To Get Ads In 2020!

Advertisements are one of the ways social media platforms make their money. This trend is evident on popular Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the likes. But have you ever seen ads on WhatsApp? The answer is no. When the messaging platform was founded, one of its core mission was to create … Read more