Apps That Would Make You Commit To Your Work (Apps That Reduces Distractions)

Hi, there, category number two on my list are the apps that provide what I like to call helpful limitations, or to put it another way, apps that block you from doing specific things.

And a lot of the apps on this list are going to be website and application blockers. And I did talk a lot about those in my internet distractions video so I do recommend going and watching that for some more in-depth tips regarding those but here I’m just going to recommend them if you haven’t heard about them. And the first one I have to talk about is my absolute favorite website blocker in the world which is Freedom.

True there are many apps out there, but it is Freedom that give you the ‘freedom’ of working on all platforms. It’s very effective and blocks out all distractions for me daily. Freedom is also by far, the most convenient of the website blocking apps because it permits you to outline all of your blocks in schedules from a universal dashboard that goes dead set all of your completely different devices.

It will have a monthly cost so if you want to pay less money and maybe have a little more inconvenience then the following apps could be good substitutes.

Self Control
First up, if you’re on a Mac you’re gonna want to get the app SelfControl which is free and for Mac only.

And if you are on Windows you are gonna wish to travel for FocalFilter that is, again, free and it is Windows exclusive.

On the iPhone there’s an app called Block Distracting Websites for about $3 though near the end of this post I’m gonna talk about a new feature in
iOS that will supplant this app and build it obsolete, therefore stick around for that.

Block Site
And for those of you on Android there’s a free app called Block Site that does the same thing.

There is additionally associate degree app for mechanical man, iOS and Chrome called Forest which is not really a website blocker but can kind of function in the same manner.

Forest helps you avoid using your phone in distracting ways by allowing you to grow a tree as long as you don’t exit the app. If you do, though, you kill the tree. Same with the Chrome extension, if you go to any of the sites on yours on your black list you’re going to kill that tree that you could have grown had you just stayed away from them during that time.

And, of course, over time you get to see your progress in the form of a virtual forest growing up on your phone or in your browser. And if you want to keep that forest nice and healthy then you are not going to be distracting yourself.

Pomodoro Apps
And during a similar vein to forest i am getting to mention virtually any Pomodoro app.

Now I debated whether or not or to not place Pomodoro apps on this list as a result of they extremely do not expressly do something to force you to try to to your work however I
just had to feature them as a result of they are therefore effective on behalf of me.

Once I start a Pomodoro session and I have committed to doing one single thing I am so much less likely to go do anything else but that one task. And if you want a recommendation my absolute favorite Pomodoro app is one called Tide which is on the iPhone and Android and I like to actually put it on my phone screen, put the phone screen on the desk and leave the screen on during those Pomodoro sessions that way I can actually see the timer the whole time.

Cold Turkey writer
Rounding out our section on helpful limitations are a couple of apps that help you write more effectively starting with Cold Turkey writer which essentially locks your computer down
completely till you’ve got hit an article goal of either word count or minutes written.

It’s very much like The Most Dangerous Writing App but instead of deleting your work it just doesn’t let you do anything until you’ve actually done that work.

Along side that is another writing app called Blurt which isn’t so sadistic as The Most Dangerous Writing App or Cold Turkey writer, it won’t lock down your computer. It will not delete your writing however it will have that feature that blurs each line aside from the one you are presently acting on which may, again, help to silence that inner critic and help you actually keep writing.

That brings us to our
final class during this post that i favor to decision feedback and reports.
None of the apps here force you to do anything actively, they don’t make you put money on the line, they don’t block sites but they do show you, in naked embarrassing detail, what you’ve been doing with your time.

And the first one that I’m going to list here is one called Toggl which is an active time tracker where you actually have to start a clock and tell it what you’re going to be doing during that time. Now as with Pomodoro apps I find that using manual time tracking apps makes me more likely to do the thing I set out to do because I set a timer and I’ve intentionally started that process.

But this also lets you take advantage of what’s been called the Hawthorne effect which describes how people tend to change their behavior for the better when they know that they’re being observed or tracked. And in my expertise with manual time trailing I found that this tends to happen though you are the one doing the observations of your own behavior.

Now if you happen to find that Toggl is not the time tracking app for you don’t worry because there are dozens of other ones out there. And I do want to give an honorable mention to one called Clockify which is completely free.

Now Toggl’s personal features are also free so they’re pretty comparable for anybody wanting to use them on a strictly personal basis. But any of you guys out there managing teams you might want to give Clockify a look.
Now each of these apps area unit engineered around manual time trailing.

We are now going to move over to automatic time tracking with apps like RescueTime. As you may have gathered from the previous sentence RescueTime, and other apps like it, automatically tracks the time you spend on different websites and applications, categorizes that time as productive or non-productive and then gives you reports on how you’ve been spending your time.

And these reports can be very eye opening because you may think you know how you spend your time but how you think you spend your time is probably very different
than how you actually spend your time and it could be pretty surprising to see just how much time you waste watching cat videos and not actually getting your work done.

Now along side RescueTime and apps like Timing, and Hours and other things that are very similar there’s another app I want to mention called Y-Productive and I’m adding this to the list as a result of it will what RescueTime will however it additionally permits you to form daily project and task lists.

So it reasonably combines multiple productivity options into one.

And finally, before I tell you the apps on this list that I use personally, the last item that we have to talk about is something called Screen Time which is a built-in feature in iOS 12.

What does this app do? It’ll tell you where you’re spending your time on your phone, how many hours and you can also set up number one, apps that are gonna be blocked and
also one thing referred to as period of time, hours that square measure specific hours wherever you cannot access any apps whatever apart from ones that you just placed on a particular whitelist.

So that brings us to a matter that i am positive that a lot of you might be using. Out of all the apps on this list this are the ones I am into and use on a regular basis.

I have discussed this earlier in the part one of this post, this is one of my favourite apps. It’s one of the tools I use in building my YouTube channel in the first place.

Additionally I additionally use Strides.

The Tide app which is my Pomodoro tracker of choice.

Freedom to block distracting website on my computer and my phone and RescueTime so I can get those reports and see just how much time I’m wasting on a daily basis and hopefully to reduce that in the future.

Of course I use other several different apps, to get things done, many productivity apps that don’t quite fall into the category of things that force me to get my work done. However that do build systems or enable Pine Tree State to try to to things far more with efficiency.

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