Comparing Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to IPhone 10 Max

It’s finally here, the long-awaited Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus. I know I am late to the party but better late than never it’s truly an ultimate flagship B’s.

Just holding it for the first time in my hand it felt extremely premium, the first impressions were absolutely amazing so I spent a full day with the Galaxy Note ten plus playing it around and I also updated to its latest software update which Samsung just recently rolled that fixed some bugs and also enhance some security things and now I think it’s completely ready to go on a full-on war with the iPhone 10’s max.

So welcome to the speedtest battle and before we start off let’s just take a look at the benchmarks and you can see the iPhone Dennis Mac still has lost years chip set but it still is a little bit ahead of the galaxy note 10 plus when it comes to benchmark scores.

I think that’s really impressive even if you’re not an Apple fan I think you should appreciate this but you can see the note 10 plus is catching up just fine but we are more interested in a real live performance battle so let’s get right into it as always.

Let’s kick things off with a boot up comparison. Here we go and the note 10 plus that I have is the Exodus model, the Exodus 985 chip slightly updated compared to the chip set that we have on the s10 plus. Let’s see which one turns on first with their respective software of course the galaxy note 10 plus.

We can unlock it, oh see the iPhone is on as well those days are back when the exodus model is better than the Snapdragon one we don’t have the snap ring and 855 plus on the US note 10 models so I think this is the best version to go up against the iPhone.

Also I’m rockin 12 GB RAM on the note 10 plus you can see ridiculous amount of RAM whereas the iPhone 10 max just has 4G RAM so it’s going to be interesting to see the RAM management as well.

I’m gonna start off with the basic stuff first starting with the phone dialer here we go and you can see it felt a little bit quicker on the note 10 plus obviously a bit of a difference between the animations settings and that felt about the same on both phones.

Let’s see Instagram and that is a slightly quicker on the Samsung Galaxy Note then plus if we just go ahead and do a test of scrolling okay that actually felt a bit smoother on the iPhone in the start but I think yeah now it’s smooth on the note 10 plus as well now I’ve been using the Instagram on the no 10 plus and I think this app does need an update so Instagram if you’re reading this I will appreciate it if you do an upgrade.

Instruction Manual Launch
Check out the instruction manual launch timing, it’s a little quicker on the iPhone 10 s-max.

Now moving on to some exciting stuffs

Asphalt 9
Starting with asphalt 9 game so like I said we have 12 gigs of RAM and I think I’m gonna utilize that RAM to a good use. We’ll have a lot of games in the speed test and Apple they just have to step their stuff up I mean 4GB is unacceptable so the 10-plus faster there.

I hope the note 10 plus also get the 60 frames per second asphalt 9 update like we have on the iPhone max.

Subway Surfers
Next on my list is subway surfers. This is faster on the iPhone a little bit quicker let’s go inside the game and we’re just gonna leave it there.

Plants Vs Zombies 2
Plants vs. zombies 2 and ok no 10 plus took some time to launch that application but can it catch up to the iPhone. It does okay, that was a great comeback the iPhone took some time loading up the profile.

Nextup we have YouTube and clicker on the Samsung Galaxy Note Ten. It’s a bit of different feed but it’s a quicker on the note 10 Plus.

Twitter was quick on the 10 plus SuperDuper quick. iPhone took some time once again if we do a bit of scrolling around super smooth experience spin out and that’s about the same on both phones.

Nest up we have Quora and that is quicker on the samsung galaxy note 10 Plus. If we take a look at the scrolling speed once again everything is smooth and quick on both devices.

Spotify And New Game Launch
Next we have Spotify and definitely quicker on the galaxy note 10 time to launch another game that’s gonna be smash hit one of my favorite games of all time and that is quicker on the note 10 plus slightly quicker there the time for an 8k image rendering comparison.

Photoshop Express
I’m going to open up the Photoshop Express application on both phones you can see that was super quick on the iPhone time to load the image at the same time that’s about the same so I’ve just applied some raindrop effect I’m also gonna put the clarity all the way to the max and let’s go ahead and export this image.

In full 8k you can see the iPhone is still loading up whereas the note 10 plus is ready to export, we’re gonna bring the quality all the way to max here and for some reason iPhone is still taking some time we’re just gonna wait for it a bit I figure it must be all the applications that I’ve opened in the background I’m gonna close it and go to this page once again and this is still taking some time okay so finally it took about a good 15, 20 seconds to load to this page.

Let’s go ahead and export this image real quick one, two, three go and the iPhone is done okay so iPhone took a lot of time to get this image ready for export but it was quicker in actually exporting the image whereas the note10 plus was fairly quick with both functions.

So I gotta say note 10 plus was a bit better here with loading this image quickly to the export page and it fell faster with the rendering as well thanks to the uff 3.0 compared to the s10 plus family when I compared that phone.

So now last but not least I’ll be launching cameras on both phones. It’s quicker on the iPhone Ten max.

Now time for some browsing war starting with WB and I’m using the default browsers on both devices and you can see the iPhone Ten max took some time there the note 10 was indeed quicker.

Let’s check out the scrolling super super quick performance on both phones no lag whatsoever same thing with zooming in and out now moving on to next website which is GSM arena comm and let’s see the galaxy note ten first on the web side and it also is finished so faster leaving the iPhone behind so that’s that’s that you know.

10 plus Clean Sweep the iPhone when it comes to the browsing war but let’s get down to the exciting part which is the RAM management I open so many applications I have no idea what to expect from the iPhone because of its 4G of RAM but I have a strong faith with the Galaxy Note ten plus.

RAM Wars
Okay so that was a slight refresh on the iPhone Ten max I’m not sure if it’s going to happen with all the applications so going with the settings I think that’s still there let’s see we’re going to find out for sure when we launch Instagram.

it got loaded up on the iPhone, it definitely got refresh. I’m just gonna open Instagram on the note look at that it’s actually keeping it in the memory not just in the memory I left it here in the camera mode and it’s still there that is super quick performance.

Asphalt 9 okay both phones are actually on the loading page so this could be a in-app refresh that this app does so maybe iPhone is still keeping application to memory let’s see subway surfers that’s still there but got refresh on the iPhone. Note ten plus is going strong plus vs. zombies – that is still there on the galaxy note n plus versus the iPhone Ten max which again loaded the whole application.

YouTube that is still there on both phones iPhone is still surprisingly keeping some stuff in the memory pin out still there on both phones.

Quora still there oh, ok so it actually got refreshed on the iPhone.
Spotify and got refreshed again smash head Apple has to upgrade the RAM or it just cannot compete against the Galaxy Note and so last but not least we have deep browsers so all in all I think the note 10 plus just completely destroyed the iPhone when it comes to RAM management because how can you lose when you have 12 gigs of RAM the iPhone Ten max did pretty good when it comes to apps opening I mean of course it’s not the latest iPhone the next big challenge for the note 10 plus is coming in September in the form of iPhone 11 Pro but the ten max with four gigabyte of RAM it just doesn’t cut it anymore.

The note 10 plus is the king for true multitasking let me know your thoughts in the comment section. If you like this post why doesn’t you do us a favour and share it. Have a nice day.

Shisdulo 😉

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